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Common Winter Roofing Problems

During the winter months, roofs are subjected to adverse weather conditions that can cause severe roofing damage. Even during the summer, shingles can creak, leaks develop, and holes can form, but with the winter comes stronger winds, colder temperatures, and snow. If your roof is not prepared to handle these conditions, it could cost you expensive roof repairs. 

To prepare for the winter months, we recommend that you winterize your roof. This is a great way to ensure your roof doesn’t have underlying damage and will last through the harsher weather conditions in the winter. It’s also a great idea to clean your roof and gutters before the winter season approaches. Let’s walk through the most common winter roofing issues. 

How to Winterize a Roof

6 Common Winter Roofing Issues

Snow Leaks 

Any type of roof leak can be devastating to the internal structure of your home. Roof leaks are especially tricky because they can be difficult to catch. Once snow falls, it can get trapped on the roof before melting. It’s common to see roof leaks appear by the chimney and in the flashing. Even more dangerous is when you experience a heavy snowstorm. Each roof has a snow load that it can bear, meaning an amount of extra weight it can support. If the weight is too much, it could cause the roof to collapse. 

Strong Winds

Winter may cause strong winds to appear, which hold the power to strip shingles off the roof. In this instance, it’s important that your roof is prepared to handle more powerful winds. If you have a newer roof or winterized your roof, you shouldn’t need to worry about shingles flying off. If you have an older roof, it will be much more at risk. If you do experience a heavy storm with winter winds, check your roof afterward or schedule a professional roofing inspection. 

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when snow in the middle of the roof melts, gets stuck in the gutters, and then refreezes. This creates a dam of ice around the exterior of the roof that prevents water and snow from draining. Because of this, water will melt into the roofing material, causing leaks. You’re more at risk for ice dams if you have clogged gutters, so ensure that your gutters are cleaned in time for winter.

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A buildup of condensation can cause mold and mildew, which can damage the internal structure of the home. This usually happens with attics that aren’t properly insulated. Inadequate ventilation can cause a myriad of problems to appear on the roof. 


Icicles can form on gutters if they’re not able to drain properly and the temperatures are cold enough. Icicles pose a dangerous hazard for both people and animals. This is another reason to keep your gutters clean, as it’ll be less likely for icicles to appear. 

Tree Limbs

Tree limbs, especially ones that are overhanging, can pose a danger in the wintertime. If you experience storms with strong winds, it could cause tree limbs to fall on top of the roof. This can be very damaging to your roofing material. We recommend that you trim tree branches that are within 6 feet of your home. 

Need Winter Roof Maintenance?

Perimeter Roofing is proud to offer roof maintenance all year round. Our team also specializes in roof repair and roof replacement. If you experience winter roof damage, contact us for a free roofing inspection! We work diligently throughout the winter months to ensure your roof is functioning properly and safely. Contact us today to schedule roof maintenance!

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