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What Causes Roof Rot?

Roof rot can be a silent killer, spreading water damage and causing roof wood to grow mold and become musty. This can happen to any roof and may be present for a long time before the homeowner becomes aware of it. During this time, roof rot can spread quickly, which increases the chances that you’ll need a full roof replacement

To combat this roofing emergency, it’s important to recognize the signs of roof rot so that you can schedule immediate roof repairs. Even better, you should learn the valuable ways to prevent roof rot from occurring in the first place. This can save your roof from becoming overrun by roof rot and mold, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Main Causes of Roof Rot

First, let’s tackle the question: what causes roof rot? There are a few reasons why rot may spread throughout your roof. At the root, the cause is water. Any type of trapped moisture is dangerous, as it creates an environment for mold and moss to grow. Once wood becomes soaked, it becomes easy for fungi to create holes in the wood, which is a further way for water to spread. Typically, these are the main causes of rotted roof decking: 

  • Humidity caused by temperature changes in the attic
  • Moisture from condensation
  • Ventilation issues
  • Water leaks
  • Wood-eating fungi that devour wood fibers

Signs of Wood Rot

It’s important that you’re able to spot the signs of wood rot, in case it happens to your roof. Any time that you spot damage to roof sheathing or shingles, we encourage you to schedule roof repair near you. The number one sign that you have wood rot is any type of water damage. If you’re spotting leaks throughout the house, especially in the attic, it’s likely that you’re in need of roof rot repair. There are other ways that wood rot may manifest itself, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with these signs: 

  • Water stains on walls and ceiling
  • Cracked flashing
  • Sagging roof
  • Moss and mold growth
  • Deteriorated shingles
  • Discolored fascia
  • Clogged gutters
  • Dark spots on wood 
  • Damp, musty smell in attic
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Roof Rot Repair Process

The type of roof repair you need will depend on how widespread the roof rot is. In lighter cases, it will be possible for roof dry rot to be repaired. All the damaged wood will need to be removed. A tool called a chisel is helpful in this situation, along with a wood patching product, which binds the wood fibers back together. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional roofing contractor for this job, as it can be a dangerous DIY project to take on. Also, if you don’t remove all the impacted wood, the rot will continue to seep deeper. 

If the rot is too widespread in your sheathing roof, the whole roof may need to be replaced. All rotted wood will need to be removed, including at least three feet of the surrounding wood. Then the plaster, paneling, and linings will need to be removed. A fungicide will be applied, all wood will be replaced, and then the roof will be re-plastered and painted. After the replacement process, your roof will be brand new, free of wood rot.

How to Prevent Roof Rot

roof rot

To prevent roof rot from appearing, there are some tips we can recommend. First of all, schedule regular roofing inspections. Contractors will catch issues that are invisible to the naked eye. In addition to roof inspections, maintain your roof well. We offer services like roof cleaning, which are invaluable to keeping your roof in excellent condition. Also, ensure you have proper ventilation and keep the roof clear of debris. If you follow these steps, you won’t find yourself having to schedule dry rot repair. 

Schedule Dry Rot Repair Near You

If you find yourself in a situation with roof rot, schedule roof rot repair with Perimeter Roofing! With well-trained roofing contractors, we offer both residential and commercial roofing services designed to best repair your roof. We focus on excellent customer service and complete insurance claims to ensure your roof service is completed smoothly. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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