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We Offer Roof Cleaning!

Perimeter Prowash is now available for soft wash roof cleaning, high rises, church steeples, and more! Our roofing contractors are well-trained in providing thorough roof cleaning services. If your roof is sporting plant growth, we’ll work diligently to get it clean. If you’re thinking about selling your home soon, we encourage you to schedule roof cleaning, as it will help to increase your curb appeal. A clean roof looks much nicer than one riddled with moss and algae. 

Did you know that our team offers roof cleaning? Cleaning your roof is one of the best ways to keep it in great condition! Roofs are exposed to all different types of plant growth, which can harm the roof’s functionality. Over time, moss, algae, and lichen can build up, causing the roof to develop mold, leaks, and cracked shingles. This can hurt your home’s curb appeal and cause the roof to deteriorate quicker. To combat this, we recommend scheduling roof cleaning at least once a year. However, it’s even better to schedule roofing cleaning twice, in the spring and fall. 

Here at Perimeter Roofing, we offer free inspections in addition to roof cleaning! We’ll ensure your roof is properly functioning and protecting your home well. 

Interested in learning more about roof cleaning? Check out our newest blog!

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