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About Perimeter Roofing

Founded in Georgia, the founders/owners have over 50 years experience, Perimeter Roofing has worked hard to expand our reach and become a roofing company that people can trust. That is why it is our goal to deliver the highest quality roof repair and replacement services in GA, TN, FL, and AL. With more than ten locations around these states, we strive to provide the best customer service and install the best products local to you. No matter your roofing needs, from roof repair and installation to cleaning and maintenance, count on the experts at Perimeter Roofing.

Perimeter Cares

As a small business, we understand the impact of locals coming together to support each other. That’s why we created Perimeter Cares in 2018. We founded Perimeter Cares to help relieve lunch debt for schools all over the state of Georgia. We started this nonprofit with the goal of paying off the school lunch debt for every school in GA. Now, less than two years since its founding, Perimeter Cares has paid off the school lunch debt of 84 Georgia schools! Most of the schools we have visited are central to the Gwinnett and Hall County areas. However, they plan to extend their reach farther across Georgia and other states in the coming years.

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