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How to Prep Your Home for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season in full swing, you need to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Check out these tips for how to prep your home for hurricane season!

Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

The important first step before performing repairs or prepping your home for hurricane season is reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy. Find out what damages are covered. If you need to file a claim following the storm, you need to know what is and is not covered by your policy. For example, some policies require a separate hurricane deductible that is different from a standard claim. Reduce your stress and headache following the storm by making sure you’re in the best shape possible with your insurance claims!

Inspect Your Roof and Perform Any Necessary Repairs

Before hurricane season starts, it’s important to schedule a roof inspection and catch any issues. These include missing shingles, poor sealing around vents, loose caulk or nails, and damaged gutters. Any of these issues could lead to a roof leak or weaken the structural integrity of your home. We always recommend performing all the necessary roof repairs before an emergency strikes so your home is in the best shape to weather the storm.

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Install Storm Shutters on Your Doors and Windows

During a hurricane, doors and windows are highly susceptible to damage from flying objects like broken tree limbs or items in your yard. Install storm shutters before hurricane season starts to minimize the risk of storm damage to your doors and windows. If you are unable to afford storm shutters, you can still protect your property by securing sheets of plywood over your doors and windows before the hurricane strikes. This will help to seal these vulnerable areas and prevent potential damage.

Secure Outdoor Furniture and Potential Projectiles

During a hurricane, flying debris significantly threatens your home’s integrity, especially windows and the roof. It can be distressing to witness your furniture, tools, or outdoor toys soaring through the air at high speeds. To safeguard your family and home from potential harm, moving all loose objects inside the garage or shed is crucial. If there are larger objects that can’t be relocated, make sure to secure them properly.

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Get Your Emergency Kit Ready

During and after a hurricane, you want an emergency kit to keep your family safe and comfortable. These items will be invaluable if you lose power, end up stranded in your home, or have a sick family member. We recommend packing all of the following items and any other items your family needs to stay safe.  

  • First aid items, such as aspirin, bandages, and antibiotic ointment
  • Prescription medications
  • Bottled water and non-perishable foods
  • A radio to hear local news updates 
  • Flashlight(s)
  • Spare batteries
  • Matches or a lighter in a waterproof bag
  • Important documents in a waterproof bag
  • A charged cell phone and a backup battery
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Extra gasoline if you have a gas-powered generator
  • Full tank of gas in your car in case the electricity is out at your local gas station

In the Event of a Disaster, You Know Who to Call

If a hurricane strikes and you are left with significant issues with your home, like roofing damage, broken windows, or ruined siding, call the storm remediation experts at Perimeter Roofing. We’ve been in the roofing industry for decades, so we’ve seen it all when it comes to hurricane damage. We’re prepared to act fast, slowing the spread of water with roof patches and performing thorough roof inspections to get your claim filed without delay. If you’ve recently had storm damage to your home, contact us to schedule your free roof inspection!

More Tips for Hurricane Season

  • Trim your trees so they do not hit your house, but do it early enough so the trimmings can be cleared away before a hurricane. Otherwise, they could become projectiles in the storm.
  • Get some sandbags to place in front of your doors. These help keep water out of your home.
  • Consider investing in a generator in case the power goes out. This will extend the life of your refrigerated and frozen foods, allow you to charge your devices, and give you the option to run a fan or air conditioner.
  • Fill your bathtubs with water. If your power goes out, your water pump will also stop working. You can use this water for flushing the toilet and general cleaning.
  • Clean your house and wash your sheets. Sometimes it is days or weeks before your power is restored after a hurricane. A clean house and freshly washed sheets can make living in a hot, humid house a little more tolerable.

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