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5 Signs You’ve Had a Bad Roof Replacement

If you’ve recently had a roof replacement, but something just doesn’t feel right, we recommend checking for these five signs you’ve had a bad roof installation. Assessing the condition of your newly replaced roof quickly can help you get the coverage and repairs you deserve if a bad roofing contractor has done your home wrong.  

5 Warning Signs of a Bad Roof Replacement

Your roofline is sagging.

Following your new roof installation, your roof should have a completely straight, even appearance. If you look up at your home’s roof and notice that the rooflines aren’t uniform but sagging, something is wrong. This could mean the framing was built incorrectly, or your roofing company didn’t replace the previous rotted roof deck. A sagging roof is not equipped to protect your home and will degrade much more quickly than a well-installed new roof. 

You have damaged or missing shingles.

It’s natural for time, wear, and weather to cause damaged or missing shingles. However, you should not notice these issues immediately following a roofing job. Missing shingles after a new roof installation means that your roofing contractor was unprofessional or careless. If your roof’s shingles come off easily during a minor storm while your neighbor’s roofs remain intact, it is likely due to a poor roofing job.

You have mismatched shingles.

Beyond just damaged or missing shingles, take note if your shingles have a mismatched appearance following the roof replacement. Are there different shingle sizes or colors? If a roof has been properly replaced, the shingles should have a uniform size, shape, and color because they came from the same palette. Mismatched shingles are a sign your roofing contractor cut corners or reused roofing materials. 

Your shingles don’t have a uniform appearance. 

Beyond just the color and shape of your shingles, the entire roof should have a uniform appearance. That means no sagging areas, unusual dips or curves in the roofline, or poorly sealed vents. Any of these issues could cause water to collect on your roof and leak into your home. After a new roof installation, we recommend walking the perimeter of your home and looking for any problems. 

Your new roof is leaking. 

Roof leaks can occur due to incorrectly installed shingles or uneven decking, creating areas where water can pool. Leaks are devastating to not only the longevity and structure of your roof but also the interior of your home. If you notice any signs of a water leak, like stains on your walls or ceiling, you likely encountered a bad roofing job. Over time, this leakage can cause the roof deck to rot, leading to breakages or even collapse. At the first sign of a roof leak, call a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof and help you avoid any problems.

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Tips for Finding a Quality Roofing Contractor

To avoid a bad roofing job, always go through these five steps when choosing a roofing contractor to complete your roof installation. 

  1. Check their license and insurance
  2. Ask for references
  3. Look up their online reviews
  4. See how many years of experience they have 

At Perimeter Roofing, we are: 

  • Licensed and insured
  • Well-known in the local areas where we operate
  • Backed by hundreds of positive online reviews
  • Qualified with over 20 years of roofing experience

If you’re ready to book roofing replacement or installation with a company you can trust, look no further than Perimeter Roofing. Our many years in the roofing industry have equipped us with the skills and expertise to guarantee quality results for every roofing project we complete. We’ll never leave you with a sagging roof, missing shingles, or water leaks. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your home!

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