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Your Financial Guide to Roof Repair

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Most people have to deal with roof repair at least once in their lifetime. It’s not exactly ideal, but let’s face it: you need a functional roof over your head. When roofs are damaged, they cause lots of further issues within your home. You may have water leaks, internal corrosion, or compromised structural integrity. All of these can be detrimental, not to mention costly. 

An experienced roofing company needs to handle roof damage, as sloppy repairs will only make matters worse. You may be thinking: how much do roof repairs cost? How does insurance factor in? Are roof repairs tax deductible? We know this process can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the financial ties to roof repair.

Common Roof Repairs

Shingle Repair 

Most residential roofs use shingles as their material. While shingles are tough, they can experience damage due to weather and erosion. Roof damage needs to be fixed right away, as leakage is common when shingles are broken. Shingles can also expand and shrink due to extreme temperatures. Other common issues happen when installation isn’t handled correctly. Sometimes seals aren’t installed right, which allows the roof flashing to allow water in.

Gutter Maintenance

Because gutters catch water, dirt, and other debris, they need to be cleaned a couple of times a year. If they’re not cleaned out, the accumulation of water can spill onto the roof and cause rotting. 

Weather Damage

This one’s fairly common: excessive rain or hail can beat up your roof, especially if you have an older roof that’s susceptible to harsh elements. If it damages your roofing material, it will most likely cause roof leaks to occur. More severe weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, can also cause extreme damage to strike your roof.

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Common Questions About Roof Repair

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

Roof repair costs vary depending on the amount of damage. Typically, most repairs will fall in the range of $300-$1500. This is also specific to the roofing company you choose, as they determine cost of labor and materials. Roof repair is much cheaper than roof replacement, which generally falls between $5000 and $10,000.

Is Roof Repair Tax Deductible?

This area can be quite deferential to each situation and depends on whether your project classifies as home improvement or home repair. The point that matters is whether you are adding value to your home. With roof repair, you can try to claim it on your taxes, but the chances are low that you’ll get money back. Repairing your roof should increase the value of your home, even if it’s just by a little. Keep all receipts so that when it comes time to sell, you have proof. This works the same way for roof replacement: a new roof should greatly increase the value of your home. 

How Do Insurance Claims Work With Roof Repair?

Insurance is another area that can be hard to predict, as companies and policies vary. It also is highly dependent on the situation. As a general rule though, insurance companies will not cover roof repair unless the damage occurred due to extraneous elements, such as severe weather. If a hurricane destroyed your roof, you will most likely need a brand new roof. If you live on the coast, you may have insurance that covers hurricane damage. If your roof is struck by lightning, insurance should cover the damage. 

When roofs need to be repaired due to negligence or age, insurance will most likely not cover it. We recommend having a roof technician come inspect your roof before you have an insurance agent over. You want an accurate assessment of the condition of your roof. Take lots of pictures and don’t wait to call long after the damage occurs. It can be harder to prove what caused the damage if you wait. Also, it may domino other problems into occurring, which insurance may not agree to cover.

Roof Repair

Need Roof Repair?

Looking for financial help with your roof repairs? Perimeter Roofing is committed to offering affordable roof repair prices alongside excellent customer service. We work with insurance agents on a daily basis to find the best coverages for your home. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We service many locations, including GA, TN, FL, and AL for roof repair and replacement. 

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