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Choosing a Roofing Style

Roofs have a given ability to majorly complement a home. If they correctly match the style of your home, they’ll enhance the exterior features already present. Roofs are also a major part of protecting your home from outside elements. Thus, they mainly work for two levels: protection and curb appeal. The two main exterior features of the home are garage doors and roofs. They must correlate together so that your house looks professionally designed. Many house styles never go out of style; they’re timeless in a classic, elegant way. If it’s time for you to consider roof replacement, think carefully about which roof type will complement your home best. It can be a major selling point with buyers, so evaluate the current trends popular in your area and what buyers look for. Let’s go through some of the major home styles below and which roofs will best complement their design.

Roofing Styles

House Styles

Cape Cod:

The coastal style shines brightly in New England homes. Cape Cod houses are charming, and typically have steep, gabled roofs with shingles in a dark color, such as ash gray. There are even garage doors in Cape Cod style, which are typically made of wood. These homes are reminiscent of the beach and use many windows and wood siding. 


Contemporary refers to what’s presently popular. Contemporary style homes make use of neutral colors and clean lines. They also may apply environmentally friendly materials. Solar panels have become popular recently, as they’re wonderful for the environment. Some contemporary homes make use of flat roofs. Flat roofs add a modern flair to homes that strive to be unique. They can be made of metal, rubber, modified bitumen, thermoplastic membrane (TPO), or mastic asphalt. 


This European style is very charming and classic. Typically used on smaller homes, the cottage style is reminiscent of the countryside and is sometimes used on vacation homes. These houses tend to use lighter colors, windows, and small porches. Their roofs generally use wood shingles in neutral colors. 


Craftsman homes are built specifically to go against widely popular, traditional homes. They usually have exposed beams, large columns, and wrap-around porches. They will make use of low-pitched gable roofs. Architects will work to specifically design craftsman homes. 

Greek Revival: 

Inspired by Greek architecture, these homes utilize large columns. They are very grand and typically use white or other neutral colors. Roofs will normally have asphalt shingles but can be customized for any traditional look. 


This style pulls inspiration from beautiful, country homes. Features to look for in farmhouse houses include exposed beams, tall ceilings, large porches, and rustic materials. Some have barn-shaped roofs made from wood or stone. 

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French Country:

Drawn from French influence, you’ll find pointed roofs, a stone exterior, and styled shutters in these homes. The overall look tends to be weathered with dark and light browns. French Country makes for gorgeous homes that typically have large square footage. 


This style pulls influence from Spain and Italy. Popular in warmer climates like Florida and California, the exterior material is usually white stucco. Their roofs will be tiled in a tan or rustic color. Windows and balconies may have metal accents with flourishes of color. 

Mid Century Modern:

Mid Century Modern homes are very sleek and sophisticated. Their focus on geometric lines makes for very clean angles and shapes. Windows tend to be left-aligned; it gives off a futuristic look. Roofs are usually made from metal or aluminum. 


Ranch-style homes are typically one level, with large windows and a big backyard. Roofs tend to be low pitched with asphalt shingles. These homes have a lot of open space and usually contain an attached garage.


This European style has steep gable roofs, stone masonry, and timber framing with dark colors. They’re usually asymmetrical and make for grand houses that look like they’ve jumped straight out of a fairytale. 


Victorian homes are beautiful, classic, and have a touch of antique flair. They have features like bay windows, towers, porches, and steep gable roofs. Bright colors can make an appearance alongside various designs that can be added to the Victorian style. 

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