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Benefits of Roof Repair Done Right

Most homeowners deal with needing a roof repair at some point, and many consider DIY roof repair to save money. Perhaps a tree branch fell during a storm and damaged a few shingles, or your roof is aging and starting to leak. With the increasing popularity of DIY projects and the bragging rights that come along with them, many homeowners decide to tackle roof repair on their own, not fully understanding the risks. When you need roof repair, either big or small, you need the job done thoroughly and safely. High-quality roof repair benefits homeowners by offering:

  • Increased lifespan of your roof
  • Improved energy efficiency for your home
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Reduced risk of water damage, including mold growth
  • Cost savings (minor repairs prevent major repairs)
  • Increased safety, particularly during severe weather conditions
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Risks of DIY Roof Repair

Think of how many movies or TV shows you’ve seen that show a character getting injured while on a roof. From men getting tangled in Christmas lights and falling off their roofs to a stargazing scene gone wrong, one thing is clear: roofs are a dangerous place to be without proper safety equipment and experience. DIY roof repair is not worth the risk.

7 Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Repair

  1. Personal Injury- falls can result in severe injury or even death.
  2. Property Damage- Inexperience may lead you to cause more damage unintentionally.
  3. Voided Warranty- Attempting DIY roof repairs may void manufacturer or roofing contractor warranties, leaving you financially responsible for all future repairs. You’re better off filling out an insurance claim and hiring a professional team for roof repair!
  4. Improper Repairs- You may miss underlying issues and not fully address the problem.
  5. Costly Mistakes- DIY roof repairs, such as using the wrong material or improperly installing roofing components, can require additional repairs.
  6. Increased Risk of Leaks- Poorly repaired roofs are more susceptible to leaks, which can damage your roof, home, and personal property and require professional roof leak repair.
  7. Time-Consuming- If DIY roof repairs take longer than expected, your roof might remain unprotected for a prolonged period of time, increasing the risk of further damage.
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Common DIY Roof Repair Mistakes

Professional roofers spend an incredible amount of time learning and training how to complete roof installation, repair, and cleaning safely and effectively. They know the ins and outs of roof repair based on extensive experience and are experts in using safety equipment properly. Professional roofers know what to look for regarding roof repair and can identify the tiniest issues most people would overlook. The following are the most common mistakes made by homeowners attempting a DIY roof repair:

  • Climbing on a wet or icy roof
  • Working near power lines
  • Ignoring safety procedures
  • Attempting roof repairs alone
  • Cutting corners (regarding cost, materials, and time)
  • Using incorrect materials
  • Neglecting to fix minor damage
  • Overlooking water damage
  • Using a ladder that’s insecure and on uneven ground
  • Not wearing protective gear (hard hat, gloves, non-slip shoes)

Skip DIY Roof Repair: Hire Your Local Roofing Company

Perimeter Roofing

DIY projects are fantastic, and with YouTube, Pinterest, and other online resources, people can learn new skills and try their hand at all types of creative and challenging projects. When the safety and well-being of your home and family are at risk, however, it’s wise to ask for help. Roof repair is a growing industry full of talented and knowledgeable repairmen and women who can:

  • Identify the necessary tools for roof repair
  • Choose quality roofing products and materials
  • Stay up-to-date on current repair techniques
  • Complete complex roof repairs
  • Finish all jobs, regardless of the scope of work
  • Implement safety guidelines and procedures

Perimeter Roofing proudly offers residential roofing services to homeowners in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama. If you need a roof repair or roof replacement, our team is here to help! Let us handle your roof repair while you keep both feet on the ground and tackle an alternative DIY project. Or kick your feet up and relax! We don’t mind as long as you’re safe and secure and your roof is intact. Contact our team for more information!

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