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What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your Roof

What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your Roof 

We cannot always predict how bad the weather will be, nor the damage it will cause. So if after a storm you are left with fallen branches or trees, you may be wondering what to do next. Here are a few steps you can take after a tree falls on your roof.

Evacuate Your Home Immediately

When a tree falls on your roof, the first thing you should do is evacuate your home. Your safety should be your first priority during an emergency. So when something unexpected happens such as a fallen tree on your roof, evacuating everyone in your home as soon as possible is extremely important. 

Call 911

No matter how big or small the tree or branch is that falls on your roof, you will need to call 911 as soon as possible. Fallen branches or trees can often fall on electrical power lines which can be a safety hazard to you and your family. Just to be safe, you should call 911 after a tree falls on your roof. Let the fire department check out the damage and take any necessary precautions to prevent further damage to your home or surrounding homes. 

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Contact Your Local Roofing Company 

It is important to contact a roofing company that you can trust to take care of your roof replacement after a fallen tree or branch. A roofing expert will be able to safely examine your roof damage and assist with the filing process with your insurance company. We can also give you a fair estimate of the damage cost if it is not covered by your insurance company. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

If a healthy tree or branch falls on your home after a storm, it is very plausible that it will be covered by your homeowner insurance. You can start the filing process by taking pictures of the damage done to your roof. If you are in need of assistance with filing an insurance claim, we can help! 

Contact Us

When you do find yourself needing an emergency roof repair, you can trust the roofing experts at Perimeter Roofing to get the job done. We have years of experience, and our team is always fully prepared to handle any emergency roof repair that comes our way! We keep our trucks fully stocked with all the necessary tools needed to handle a fallen tree or branch, and we work quickly so that you can safely return to your home. 

When you are in need of emergency roof repair after a tree falls on your roof, you can call on Perimeter Roofing to be there for you! We have locations across the southern United States including Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and more so we can quickly take care of your home. Give us a call at the location nearest to you and we’d love to discuss your options for roof repair or replacement!

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