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Perimeter Roofing Voluntary Licensing Program

Perimeter Roofing is a Licensed Roofing Company!

Perimeter Roofing just became one of 17 roofing companies licensed in the state of Georgia! Since it is not required in the state of Georgia to obtain a roofing license, we wanted to build public confidence in our roofing repairs and installation services by meeting the Georgia Roofing Contractors Association (GARCA) requirements in their voluntary licensing program.

We proudly showcase our team’s capabilities to handle a roofing service with professional efficiency and top-tier customer service. Over the years, Perimeter Roofing has grown to be a legitimate roofing solution company through the community it serves. Earning the badge as an officially licensed roofing contractor was the next step!

voluntary license program

GARCA Voluntary License Requirements

Anyone can be a roofing contractor, but in order to be an officially licensed roofing company, you have to exemplify several prerequisites:

  • Years-long experience in the field.
  • Proof of valid business license regulations.
  • Meet strict training guidelines.
  • Proof of valid financial liability and insurance.
  • Pass a roofing and business management exam.

The GARCA is working to change Georgia needing a license if any company advertises that they service roof repairs or installations, according to their website. The board of directors believes that consumers need protection and assurance that their money for fixing their homes is met with self-regulated professionalism in the roofing industry.

Perimeter Roofing Proves Their Expertise

When you need someone for roof repair or installment, you want to do as much research as possible because you need someone you can trust. Asking neighbors and friends who they used for their roof repair or replacement is oftentimes step one. Moreover, a roofing issue is sometimes an unexpected one, so people turn to insurance for assistance.

An insurance company is more likely to accept your claim because they trust that we’re reliable and want the best for our customers. Perimeter Roofing understands the frustration and confusion of trying to deal with an insurance agency. We’ll work with you to fill out an insurance claim and stay with you through every step of the insurance process. We’ve worked with nearly every company out there, so we’ve built good relationships with insurance agencies. If you want to learn more about our process, visit our Financial guide here.

Protecting Customers and Their Trust in Roof Repair

Perimeter Roofing is only successful through the community it serves. The customer and their trust in a roofer are quite literally in our hands!

A state roofing license requirements for roofing contractors in Georgia are voluntary–as they are considered an Exempt Specialty Contractor by the State Licensing Board. Perimeter Roofing wanted to protect customers’ trust when hiring us to complete a roofing repair or roof replacement project by completing a voluntary license program and renewing it annually thereafter.

Roof Repair, Service, & Replacement

Serving GA, TN, FL, and AL

We strive each day to perform at a higher level than every other roofing company. To uphold these standards, all of our Perimeter Roofing team is thoroughly trained before ever stepping on a roof. 

We are confident that we are the best roofing company in Atlanta and surrounding areas for any roofing repair or replacement service. Our reputation is backed by the years of experience and top-quality customer service we’ve provided to all our customers. Perimeter Roofing took it a step further in gaining customers’ trust by obtaining a voluntary license through GARCA.

Showcasing our confidence in our roofing repairs and installation services with an official license, we give customers the confidence that their roof is in the right hands! Learn more about us here, and if you have any questions about roofing, potential repairs, or replacement, contact Perimeter Roofing. We service locations across the southeastern United States including Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama.

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