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Best House and Roof Color Combinations

Is it time for a new roof? We know that it can be intimidating having to make important decisions for a roof replacement. You’ll have to choose a roofing color, material, and company to complete your project. When you’re spending a lot of money on a project, it can be stressful having to make these decisions. That’s what we’re here for! With years of experience handling roof replacements, we’ve developed an eye for the best roof colors and can help you decide on the best fit for your home. A new roof can dramatically increase your curb appeal and make your house look brand new. If you’re looking to sell, this is a great home service to invest in. 

Let’s tackle the question: How to choose a roof color?

1. Do Research

Anytime you’re making design decisions, the internet is your friend! Do your research online to learn more about roof and house color combinations. You can browse social media, online magazines, and gallery pages. You can even examine roofing colors in your neighborhood to get a better idea of roof colors around your home. 

Technology can also be used to your benefit. Roof shingle color selectors are available, which take online photos of your home to color match. This can be a valuable resource for envisioning various colors on your roof. Try Colorview from our favorite shingle manufacturer, Certainteed. This roof shingle color selector will make designing your new roof easy!

2. Roofing Material

Popular roofing materials include asphalt, slate, concrete, clay, solar panels, and specialty shingles. The type of roofing material you choose will depend on your budget, desired maintenance, and location. Check out our blog on roofing materials to learn more! We proudly partner with Certainteed, which offers over 300 roofing materials. You can fully customize shingles and colors to match your home. If you’re considering any type of shingle color, Certainteed provides wonderful products to choose from. With color matching technology and Certainteed specialty shingles, you’ll be all set for a roof replacement.

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3. Coordinate Roof and Siding 

It’s important to coordinate your roof with siding colors. You’ll also want to consider color tones and how they work together. Generally, there are warm and cool tones, which then each have their own undertone. If you have a warm-toned roof, it should match with warm-toned siding. 

Color will also determine how dramatic or subtle the roof looks. Are you looking for a bolder roof, or do you want a more neutral color? The more contrast a roof has, the more dramatic the look. This doesn’t necessarily mean bold colors are used, but that there’s a clear contrast between roof and siding colors. You’ll also need to pay attention to trims and accents. The best way to tackle this is by trying to implement balance. The roofing, siding, and trim should not all be the same color, but rather balance each other out. 

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Best Roof Color Design Ideas

White House with Dark Roof

If you have a white house, it’s always a great idea for your roof color to be dark. A black roof will be a classic look to contrast with white. A charcoal grey roof is another popular choice for white houses. This is common for farmhouses, creating a classically neutral option.

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Grey House with Grey Roof

It’s common for grey houses to be paired either with lighter or darker roof shingle colors. Homeowners choose the lighter or darker end of the scale depending on the overall impression they want to create for their home’s exterior. 

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Red Brick House with Black Roof

Another classic combination, a red brick house looks lovely with dark roof colors. It’s common for a black roof to be paired with any type of red brick material. 

Best House and Roof Color Combinations

Need Roofing Service? 

Our technicians at Perimeter Roofing are proud to offer roof replacement and repair services in Georgia, Nashville, Alabama, and Orlando! If you’re ready for a new roof, we can teach you how to match roof shingles to house color, finding the best roof color for your home. The product will be a brand new roof that beautifully contrasts your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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