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The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Commercial TPO Roof in Atlanta GA

TPO, also known as thermoplastic polyolefin, is a single-ply roof material that can cover the entire surface of a commercial roof. Commercial TPO roofing features a blend of various types of rubber, including polypropylene and ethylene-propylene, rather than plastic. 

Due to its light-reflective properties, TPO commercial roofing is gaining more popularity among building owners. It’s important to get advice from a trustworthy TPO roofing company, such as your trusted Atlanta GA specialists, if you are considering a TPO commercial roof installation. 

TPO commercial roofing products were first introduced in the early 1990s, which makes it a relatively new commercial roofing material. Even though this commercial roofing product still has room for improvement, it has been proven that TPO roofs provide many benefits to commercial building owners. 

However, like any other roofing material, commercial TPO roofing has some disadvantages as well. Therefore, before you make the decision of investing in a TPO commercial roof, it is best to get familiar with its benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of Commercial TPO Roofing 

Lower Costs

TPO roofing is not that expensive which makes it far more economically advantageous than, for example, PVC roofing, which has some of the same benefits. By saving on their TPO commercial roof installation, building owners have the benefit of allocating their budget resources to other areas. 


It is possible to install TPO roofing on both residential and commercial properties. This roofing material also offers a variety of colors such as white, black, and light gray. No matter what color you choose, TPO roofs will be UV resistant, as this is the way they are manufactured. 

Easy Maintenance

One will not easily find mold growth, punctures, tears or the accumulation of dirt on a TPO roofing membrane and therefore, these roofs are easy to maintain. Pressure washing is, thus, also not required on these types of roofs as mildew and algae growth is highly unlikely. 

TPO roofs also allow for shifting or settling on the building because they are flexible, which means these roofing systems will readily accommodate even thermal expansions and contractions.  

Easy Installation

When it comes to installing a TPO roof on a building, it can be fastened to the roof deck through direct fastening or with adhesives. Heat welding is used to attach the TPO roof membrane to areas that surround chimneys and other roof protrusions.

A TPO roof is easy to install because of its lightweight sheets. These sheets are also relatively full, which means that fewer seams require attention. Property owners can expect to pay less for the installation process of a TPO roof because it requires less labor and time to complete. 

And you can expect nothing short of an outstanding job from your number one Atlanta GA roofing contractor. We guarantee you a seamless installation process, done swiftly and efficiently, at affordable rates,

Energy Savings

The TPO membranes are reflective and that is the reason many building owners choose to install a TPO roofing system. This helps to reduce air conditions cost during the summer because the UV reflection causes the building to stay comfortably cool. The buildup of heat within the structure is also prevented in buildings with TPO roofing systems.

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TPO Roofing Disadvantages

Does Not Respond Well to Very High Temperatures

When a TPO commercial roof is exposed to extreme heat conditions, it can cause serious problems. Therefore, if you live in an area where the temperatures are pushed to a tremendously high level regularly, then TPO commercial roofing might not be your best option.

New on the Market

TPO roofing has not been on the market long enough for it to undergo the test of time. Since this product has been introduced, there have been some cases of seam failures, membrane curling, and cracking. 

Quality Variations

Not all manufacturers will be able to provide you with a high-quality TPO roofing membrane. Different manufacturers produce a wide variety of quality TPO roofing membranes. It is not uncommon to find TPO roofing products from two different manufacturers, priced the same, but with great differences in the product quality. 

Thickness Disparities

It is essential to understand that the thickness of a TPO roof does not influence its quality or durability. Unfortunately, many buyers believe that the thicker the TPO roof, the longer it will last and, therefore, can mistakenly choose the wrong product. 


One will find that the uppermost part of a TPO roof is laminated. Lamination tends to lead to weak points, spurring shrinkage, cracking, and general deterioration over time. When you choose the less expensive TPO product option, it is most likely to develop surface cracks quickly. 

It Contains Seams

Seams are often the areas where membranes become loose, which can lead to water leaks in a roof. In TPO roofing, the seams are present in every six to eight feet because the membranes are sold in small-width rolls. But with expert and professional installation, these issues will come down to a minimum.

Final Thought

TPO roofing can be a perfect fit for your commercial building because it offers many benefits. However, it is essential to research manufacturers carefully so that you obtain an excellent warranty and a high-quality TPO roofing system. 

Make sure to consult with your number one commercial roofing contractor in Atlanta GA and get some much-needed professional advice, as well. 

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