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Asphalt and Metal Roof Shingles in Atlanta GA

Asphalt and Metal Roof Shingles

First, let’s discuss why shingles are so crucial to the construction of your roof. Most importantly, they are the primary barrier between your home and the elements. They prevent water and wind from entering your home and causing damage. Properly functioning and installed shingles prevent leaks which create mold build-up and structural damage. They also determine the cost of your utilities by shaping your home’s energy efficiency. High-quality shingles should deflect a part of the sun’s rays so that your home does not get as hot in the summer. This saves you money in cooling costs. On the other end, they form a higher level of insulation during the winter which cuts back on heating expenses. Lastly, shingles are an important aesthetic choice that shapes the exterior presentation of your home. Because the color and texture of your roof determine a large amount of your curb appeal, they should be carefully selected.
The type of shingle you choose will impact each of these factors from the integrity of your roof’s barrier system to the energy efficiency of your home to your house’s visual appeal. That is why it is important to consider your options. Below, we will describe two primary materials for roofing shingles: asphalt and metal. This will be a brief guide to help you start thinking about which type will best suit your home’s needs.


Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing choice across America for their affordability, durability, and minimal upkeep. Despite their name, they are not constructed of asphalt but coated in a layer of it. Manufacturers coat a piece of fiberglass on the bottom and top with asphalt and then spray it with granules. These layers of coating and granules help create the level of energy efficiency and protection your home receives. On the plus side, this type of shingle tends to be light weight, helps deflect a fair amount of UV rays, and remains waterproof. Also, these are the cheapest option for shingle installation fees because the process is simple. However, there are three levels of asphalt shingle construction which will determine the longevity and reliability of your roof.
1. Strip or Three-Tab – These are the cheapest option for shingles. Made from an organic-mat paper base, they are thin and not very durable. In fact, they wear out the quickest of any shingle variety. We do not recommend these shingles because they are not a good investment, even at their low price.
2. Dimensional or ArchitecturalThese are a great midrange option for durable asphalt shingles at an affordable price. Here at Perimeter, we provide these as our minimum option for roofing replacement Atlanta GA.

We like these shingles because manufacturers construct them with higher quality materials. This gives them twice the lifespan and durability of three-tab. In particular, their laminated, sculpted surface resists high winds and effectively channels rain. 

Besides superior construct, the countless color and finish options allow you to personalize these shingles to your home’s exterior.

3. Luxury – This is the highest quality type of asphalt shingle for longevity, exterior appearance, and weather protection. Created with a more thorough laminating process, their sculpted surface deflects high wind and rain speeds for decades. For style, you can choose from many options to give your roof a slate or shaker finish without paying a high price. Although they are more expensive than architectural, they are a worthy investment for a home you plan to live in long term.
Design Options

One of the best parts of asphalt shingles is their design versatility. They are constructed in shaker or slate style in dozens of color options. Beyond those standards, the shingles are available in many geometric designs whether you want rounded, squared, or asymmetrical edges. 

Along with construction, you can choose cool roof, algae, and impact resistant options. Each of these help prolong the life of your roofing, allowing it to protect your home for decades. No matter your vision, asphalt shingles have the durability and variety to meet them, and our specialists in Atlanta GA will make sure of it!

To explore your color and style options for your new asphalt shingles, click here! We love Certainteed Landmark shingles!


Metal shingles are a classic choice for durability and beauty. Manufacturers make them out of aluminum, copper, steel, and tin most commonly. This means you have many color and texture options to match your home’s exterior. Also, these can be painted many customizable colors. Metal is a great material for especially steep or flat roofs because the slick service allows debris and weather build-up to slide off.
The benefits of metal roofing include lightness, longevity, and energy efficiency. First, since the material is light, it doesn’t weigh down your roof. This means it doesn’t need the support of some on the heavier roofing materials like slate. Second, the best feature of these shingles is their lifespan. With proper maintenance done by the Atlanta experts, metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years. Lastly, energy efficiency is a great attribute of metal as it deflects the sun’s rays and keeps your home cooler. This cuts down on air conditioning costs. In many ways, metal roofing has the best long term benefits for your home.
On the down side, metal shingles are expensive and can be noisy. Because manufacturers build them from high quality materials, they are pricier to buy and install. Although it is a more expensive one-time buy, you have to consider the longevity of the metal shingles compared to asphalt. For noise, metal roofs tend to be louder during rain or hail storms. Some people find this noise comforting while others might find it annoying. This is a consideration you should think about when looking at a metal roofing materials.
Design Options
Metal roofing has the most design versatility. Because it is made from a malleable material, manufacturers can shape it into any form. In particular, they are available in tile, wood shake, and slate design options. Further, each of these are available in many colors to help you achieve the exterior look you want. With metal roofing in a tile, wood, or slate design, you get the lightness, longevity, and energy efficiency of metal without sacrificing beauty. Instead of worrying over the heaviness of tile and slate and the pest damage of wood, choose metal for the benefits without the drawbacks.
To learn more about the varieties of metal shingles, visit here! Certainteed’s Matterhorn line gives you the best design and color options for metal roofing.

If you are interested in new asphalt or metal roofing, contact us today! From one of our five locations around GA and TN, we will gladly see to your new roof installation. 

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