Own Your Power Bill With Solar Shingles

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Own Your Power Bill With Solar Shingles

Solar Panels

We are now offering solar shingles installation. Solar roof shingles are becoming more and more popular, and it’s because the benefits are unbelievable! 

Here are a few reasons you should consider getting solar shingles for your home. 

  1. Lower Your Utility Bills

The average American household spends $2,060 on utility bills. With solar roof shingles, you can cut that cost by 25%. Solar panels will help offset your electricity usage, which will lead you to pay less in utility over time. So although the initial investment for solar shingles can be large, their return on investment is incredible. 

  1. Earn Tax Credits

When you install solar shingles, you will be offered incentives from the national and state governments because of the benefits solar panels have on the environment. You can get 22% of the cost back when you file solar shingle installation on your taxes. 

  1. Good for the Environment

On top of saving money with solar shingles, you will also be saving the environment in a small but measurable way. With solar roof shingles, you are helping reduce water pollution, reduce greenhouse gas, and reduce CO2 emissions. With your solar panels, you will be creating a safer and cleaner environment for everyone!

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Things to Consider When Getting Solar Shingles

If you are considering getting solar roof shingles, you should first make sure your home is a good candidate for them. For solar shingles to work properly and create the most energy for your home, they need to be able to get as much sun as possible. That’s why you should schedule a consultation to make sure your solar panels will get the proper sunlight needed. If they determine you have enough sunlight, you’ll be good to go.

You also need enough room on your roof for the solar roof shingles. In other words, you need a large enough roof that you can install enough solar shingles to power your home. To figure out if you would be a good candidate for solar shingles you should check your electricity bill, and see how many kilowatts your home is using monthly. Then, have your roof measured to make sure your home can fit the right amount of panels to accommodate your home. 

Getting solar shingles is a big decision, so you should always go to an expert before making any final decisions. That’s why we offer free inspections and consultations to help you decide if solar roof shingles are the best choice for your home.

Solar Panels in Extreme Climates

Do you experience cold, snowy winters or very windy springs? Solar shingles can still work for your home! Solar roof panels are required to undergo full weather testing before being installed in your home. That means your solar panels should be fine during all weather conditions, including snow, hail, heavy winds, extreme heat, and heavy rain. 

Questions About Solar Roof Shingles?

You may have some reservations about adding solar panels to your home because you don’t want to mess up the overall look of your home. But, solar panels can increase your curb appeal. Or, depending on the location of your solar shingles, they may not even be visible. Solar panels today have a very sleek, modern look, so if they are visible they will only add to your home’s appearance. 

When you are ready to make the change to solar panels or just want to learn more about our options for solar roof shingle installation, you can trust that Perimeter Roofing is here to help! Contact us today for your free consultation! 

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