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How to Handle Roofing Insurance Claims

roofing insurance

Harsh roof damage can cause unwanted stress and anxiety to plague homeowners. Roofs, being an essential construct of a house, cannot go long without repairs, unless you want water and electrical damage to flare up. We’re here to ease your worries and ensure you’re ready for roof replacement through roofing insurance. If you keep your roof well maintained, it can usually go between 15-20 years before being replaced, depending on the material. While roofing insurance can be tricky, there are hazardous weather elements that will call for rightful insurance claims to be made, and you should know how to get them. 

Know Your Policy

Knowing your insurance policy is extremely important when combating damage to your home. Policies vary depending on the company, which will determine coverage. Homeowner’s insurance may cover some aspects of roof damage, but not all. It tends to veer toward accidental damage but will not cover roofs in need of repair due to lack of maintenance. Maintaining a roof is the homeowner’s responsibility, thus insurance will not cover claims made surrounding roofing damage such as weather erosion over time. 

Outstanding weather events, such as hurricanes, tornados, and hail damage may be coverable, depending on the policy. Some people may pay extra for weather insurance due to living in coastal areas, or where damage by weather is more likely to occur. Decide on a policy that matches your area and current roof, so you are most prepared if destruction strikes. 

Assess Damage

When damage does occur, don’t hesitate before making a plan. You need to gauge how severe the destruction is, both on your roof and the rest of your house. Make sure to take pictures during this process. Before contacting your insurance agent, have a contractor come to assess the damage to your roof. This is an important step, as roofing insurance can be a lucrative business. 

You have the option of contacting multiple contractors to give quotes as well, but keep in mind that roofing insurance companies may only cover the lowest quote given. Make sure you document the process as it’s happening, storing data and pictures along the way. Another point to consider is whether the entire roof will need to be replaced, or just a section. If you are successful in receiving a claim, insurance will typically only pay for a roof similar in value to the one you had before. 

Roof Types 

The material your roof is made out of has an impact on how it’s fixed, and what roofing insurance will cover. For example, people that have a wooden roof may pay more for their insurance and have to supplement money when damage arises. Metal roofs may incur more damage due to distressing weather elements. Keep in mind that if your roof has a more outdated material, such as a type of shingles no longer in production, you may have to replace the entire roof; something like this may not be covered by roofing insurance, so be prepared to pay out of pocket. 

Steps When Filing a Claim For Roofing Insurance

1)    Document evidence of roofing damage, taking photos and notes along the way. Be thorough and meticulous.

2)    Contact a contractor before insurance. Do this quickly, as roofing damage can change rapidly over time, and could lead to failed insurance claims.

3)    Begin filing a claim with your roofing insurance agent; have them come assess your roof.

4)    Bring a roofing company in to fix the damage. 

Tips for Roofing Damage

Go to extra lengths to prevent destruction in the future, especially if you live in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, or hail. Be firm with insurance companies, and make sure you know what they owe coverage for. If you have a plan in place and are knowledgeable about your insurance policy, you have nothing to worry about. When you need a roof replacement, you’ll be prepared to get the best coverage with roofing insurance. 

Even more, when you need roof replacement, Perimeter Roofing is here to help you and provide the best quality roof possible. We offer quality roof replacement and repair from our locations across the southeastern United States including GA, TN, AL, FL, NC, LA, and TX. Contact our team of expert roofing contractors when you’re ready to schedule a free roof inspection or explore your options for roof replacement. 

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