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How to Clean Pollen Off Your Roof

Here in the south, the arrival of spring comes with the arrival of pollen, which can be a pain for many reasons. It messes with allergies, gets everywhere, and looks terrible. One of the primary places pollen settles can be on your roof. This might not seem like a very big deal, but it can result in a multitude of problems. With this in mind, what’s the best way to remove pollen from roof? And what’s the best way to clean a roof? Don’t worry, we will show you how to clean pollen off roof.

How long do roofs last?

Why is Pollen Bad for Your Roof?

It messes up your curb appeal.

Pollen leaves its yellow and green strands all over your roof, porch, and pretty much everything. As these strands settle on your roof over time and build up, they can end up staining your roof and making your house appear dirty and dated. The longer the pollen sits up there, the more difficult it is to remove. Over time, this can end up decreasing the selling value of your house. Roof cleaning can help make your house shine once again.

It makes your roof more dangerous.

As pollen sits on your roof, the strands come together to form larger clumps. These clumps that sit all over your roof can make it very slippery to walk on. The more this builds up, the more difficult and dangerous it will be to clean your roof and actually remove the pollen. The pollen on roof could build up into a much bigger problem later.

It lets dust and water inside.

Clumps of pollen can form underneath the tiles on your roof, causing water and dust to enter your home. There are negative effects of this that could result in water damage or increased allergies. Not to mention, this could mess up the tiles and cause even more roof repairs. When pollen strands on roof start to mess up the structure, it is time to clean your roof.

It deteriorates metal roofs.

The pollen build-up can even affect the integrity of metal roofs. The strands are capable of degrading the acrylic layer on the metal, resulting in a lot of wear and tear, and causing a lot of potential problems for your home. This means you might have to have more roof repairs or even a roof replacement much sooner if you don’t know how to clean a metal roof.

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How to Properly Clean Pollen

Pressure Washing

This is the easiest way to get most of the pollen off your roof as it simply blasts the pollen off. Be sure not to use too high of pressure so you will not damage the shingles. It is best to just stick with water or a very mild soap as a harsh soap could strip the coating off of your shingles. Be sure to rinse off any residue to protect the coating and the longevity of your roof!

Soft Washing

Soft wash roof cleaning combines gentler water pressure and stronger cleaning solutions than pressure washing. This is a good choice to get old stains off without affecting the coating of your shingles. Make sure you use the right chemicals that will not hurt your shingles! And since this cleaner will likely run off your roof, you will want one that will not injure any plants it might come in contact with.

Hire a Professional

Some of the messes that pollen leaves may be too much to clean for just simple pressure or soft washing. In these cases, it is better to hire a professional to make sure your roof is thoroughly cleaned and there is no damage to your shingles. This is the best method for cleaning pollen off roof.

how to clean pollen off roof

Need Help Cleaning Your Roof?

If you find that you need some help getting your roof back into shape, give Perimeter Roofing a call! We can help get your roof nice and clean for the spring. Schedule an appointment with us to make sure your roof is all sound from the winter and ready to take on the summer.

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