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4 Reasons To Go Through Your Insurance Provider For Roof Replacement

Perimeter Roofing has an expert team of licensed and insured repairmen who love to remind residential clients about insurance claims. Going through your insurance provider for roof replacement can often become a hassle and weeded with concerns. However, insurance is meant to help cover losses to balance out what you pay annually or monthly. 

Homeowners’ insurance usually covers damage from severe weather or a fire. Unforeseen disasters will make your family scramble for resources and support, and insurance comes in handy when you need it most.

Perimeter Roofing is here to help your residential or commercial roof replacement run as smoothly as possible.

1. Save Money

The first reason you go through your insurance provider for roof replacement is the most obvious. You want to ensure you’re saving the most money you can through the insurance company you pay for. Usually, a roof replacement is considered an emergency, and the company’s job is to address it as such. 

Although going through your homeowner’s insurance for roof replacement will save you money, it may even save you time. Some insurance companies will call an adjuster to see how much you can claim.

Now you want to double make sure you save money on a costly roof replacement. Call Perimeter Roofing for one of our trusted roofers in conjunction with your insurance company’s claim adjuster. While we’re all looking at the same roof in real-time, we hold the insurance company accountable.

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2. Protect Your Home and Family

Once you have your insurance claim in order, a licensed and insured local roofing company like Perimeter Roofing can quickly get started on your roof replacement.

Contacting a licensed roofing company is important because we are equipped with well-trained and certified roofers that won’t cut corners. Staying local is important because it protects your home and family from an out-of-state roofer. Entrust us to leave you with a quality roof through the utmost professional process.

 One of our roofing contractors will arrive at your house, inspect the damage, and give you a professional, accurate assessment of your roof. The contractor can also meet with the adjuster to confirm the cause of the damage, answer questions, and “talk shop.” This speeds up the process and potentially prevents any claim issues from occurring or the insurer from denying your claim.

3. Check Your Deductible

Many homeowners don’t realize they have roof damage until it’s too late. Your homeowner’s insurance is filled with jargon and conditions that may or may not apply to the cause of your roof damage. It doesn’t hurt to refresh your memory about where you’re covered and with certain insurance terminology. Make sure you triple-check your deductible. The amount you pay before your insurance plan starts to pay is better than paying without any coverage.

Your deductible plays a hand in saving you money. A similar philosophy can go for car insurance: for instance, if your windshield is $700, but your insurance deductible is $100, you only have to pay $100 for a $700 repair. 

When both your roofing contractor and adjuster thoroughly inspect your roof, you can be well-versed with specific deductible and policy information to better answer questions.

4. Know Your Policy

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You could be fully covered for roof replacement and not even know it! Get familiar with your policy and its terms to see if it applies to your situation. Make sure you’re aware of where you’re covered and look specifically at the section detailing roof replacement and what kind of damage is covered.

It’s as the saying goes, “You won’t know until you ask!” 

Contact Perimeter Roofing Before Your Roofing Inspection With The Insurance Adjuster

Contact Perimeter Roofing when you suspect you have roof damage. We are a local roofing company that looks out for the client and works with residential and commercial customers to submit insurance claims. With our experience and relationships with the most popular insurance companies in Georgia, we speed up the process of acquiring coverage for necessary roof replacement.

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