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When Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection?

When Should You Schedule a Roof Inspection?

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Even though your roof is one of most important parts of your home—doing the heavy lifting to keep your family safe and warm—it is still easy to overlook. Like many areas of home maintenance, you don’t consider the shape of your roof until there is an issue.

However, waiting until your home is damaged by a heavy leak or losing energy efficiency because of poor insulation are not the only options. Instead, consider hiring Perimeter Roofing to complete a free roofing inspection for you. But first, keep these five events in mind when determining a good time to schedule your inspection.

When You Notice a Leak

This is one of the most common first signs of an issue with your roof. It is good to watch out for leaks on both the interior and exterior walls of your home. Specifically, water stains or drips are a sure sign that there is a problem. Water seeping into your home means that your roof shingles are no longer properly insulating your roof. It can also mean that surface damage is leading to water collection either in the valleys of your roof or around your gutters.

In terms of long term impact, even a small leak could mean your roof has structural issues, mold growth, or insulation damage. That is why it’s important not to wait around and see if the leak gets worse. Spend a little money on repairs now so you won’t have to spend a lot on a new roof later. 

If Your Area Has a Serious Storm

It is important to always take note of significant storms in your area because of the unseen damage it could be doing to your roof. When you think about it, the majority of most people’s roofs are not visible from the ground. This means that even if you don’t see damage when walking around your home, it could still be there. A serious storm extends to anything from heavy rainfall to high speed winds to ice and snow accumulation.

If you are hesitant to call for an inspection after a storm, at least check for obvious roof damage by walking the perimeter of your home looking for issues. In particular, notice if there are any shingles in your yard or visible water collection. If you do see signs of an issue, please schedule a free inspection with us to maintain the long term functionality of your home. 

In the Fall

If you are looking to set up a routine maintenance schedule for your roof, the fall is a good time. We recommend annual inspections in the fall because it is good to check for durable insulation before cold weather sets in. This ensures the energy efficiency of your home through the winter months. In addition, this also helps out our company. If you call because of damages in deep winter, our technicians have to brave frigid temperatures at tall heights and potential ice accumulation.

If you instead have your fall inspection, we can prevent technicians having to come out during the winter. Lastly, if you have a new roof installed right before the start of cold weather, our technicians need to check that the shingles are sealed properly to the roof. This is because cold weather can interfere with the adhering process, leaving gaps for water accumulation and wind damage. Keep in mind that, when in doubt of your roof’s functionality for the cold months, schedule an inspection to be sure. 

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Around the Tenth Year of Your Roof’s Life

It is a good idea to start scheduling yearly inspections and maintenance about ten years after your roof is installed. Professional care by a licensed and insured roofing company is important because you as a homeowner might not be able to recognize all the signs of damage. However, a trained roofing technician will notice even small issues that could lead to serious complications if left alone.

Reading this, you may be thinking to yourself that you purchased 25-year shingles ten years ago; you’re not even halfway through the lifespan of your roof. But consider this: That 25-year promise only extends to perfect environmental conditions. That means no serious storms with extensive rainfall, hail, wind, or ice and no overzealous vegetation creeping around your gutters. In reality, even the best standards of roof materials will have more like a 12 to 15-year life span when factoring in over a decade of environmental damage. If your roof is nearing 10 to 12 years, consider setting up an inspection soon. 

Before You Buy a Home

This may seem like an obvious step when considering a good time for a roof inspection. However, the process of buying a new house is overwhelming; you are bombarded with notices, papers to sign, bank loans, and a host of other issues. With all of these requirements, a roof inspection can slip through the cracks. Here at Perimeter, we perform free inspections. That takes one thing off your plate in the chaotic transition of purchasing a new home. 

Contact Us For a Free Roof Inspection!

At Perimeter Roofing, we strive to make caring for your roof as easy as possible for you. That is why we offer free consultations and inspections. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers with five locations around Georgia and Tennessee. No matter your specific roofing services in Atlanta GA like repair or replacement needs, we are ready to help!

Contact us at the location closest to you today to schedule your roof inspection or for any questions you have about our services.

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