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What To Look For In A Roof When Buying A Home

Purchasing a home is an exciting adventure, yet also brings about stress with the gravity of such a large purchase. Let’s face it: not every home seller is honest about the condition of their home’s features. The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. Its function lies in protection, which is essential for the safety of those in your home. You want a reliable, well-functioning roof that won’t require roof repairs early on. Rather than taking the homeowner’s word for it, you need to be able to inspect the roof yourself. We’ll help show you what to look for in a roof when purchasing a home. We can help you recognize the difference between a bad roof and a great one.

New Roof

How Old Is the Roof? 

First, you want to ask about the age of the roof. Now, the roof’s age won’t say everything about its condition, so don’t rule out the roof entirely because of its age. Keep in mind that roofs generally last about 25 years, so if the roof is nearing that age, it may need to be replaced soon.

Visual Inspection 

Your best bet for gauging a roof’s condition is conducting a thorough visual inspection. While you’re doing this you want to look for: 

  • Missing/damaged shingles
  • Mold
  • Water spots
  • Leaks
  • Cracks

Missing or damaged shingles can be an easy fix, depending on how many shingles are misplaced. This may be something you can negotiate to have fixed before you purchase the house. Mold is a much bigger issue though. It’s usually caused by water and poor ventilation, and can not only cause thousands of dollars in damage but bad odors and health issues. Mold could be growing anywhere along the roof, so make sure to look carefully. 

Water spots and stains may point to leaks, which can be very destructive. If there is a roof leak, it could be compromising the structural integrity of the roof. Also keep an eye out for cracks among the shingles, or whichever roofing material they have. If it’s not asphalt shingles, look into the type of material. That will determine factors such as the required maintenance and longevity of the roof.

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Ventilation and Seepage System

The ventilation system lets in sunlight and air, which is important for the inside of the home. If not working properly, it can cause mold to form. The seepage system includes: 

  • Downspouts
  • Gutters
  • Drainage pipes

These areas are harder to inspect, as it requires some maneuvering on top of the roof. If you’re not comfortable with that, let a professional do it. It’s very important that the downspouts, gutters, and drainage pipes don’t have any blockages. They need to be clean and free of debris to function properly.

Stained ceiling

Attic Inspection

Next, you’ll want to check the condition of the attic. Inspecting the ceiling will tell a lot about the roof. Look for any water stains or sagging. Many times, if there is a roof leak, the attic is your best bet for finding it. If the ceiling is sagging at all, it’s not a good sign and points to a large repair job, or possibly a roof replacement. You also want to find out if the attic is insulated. This would be a bonus, as insulation offers better protection against leaks and blocks air from escaping.

Do You Want a Professional Roof Inspection?

The best way to determine the condition of a roof is to have a professional roof inspection. Roofing experts know the signs to look for and may catch issues that your untrained eye won’t see. Perimeter Roofing offers free roof inspections, so take advantage of our offer today!

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