How to Prepare Your Roof for a Hurricane - Best Tips

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How to Prepare Your Roof for a Hurricane

After experiencing Hurricane Ian and the devastation that followed, you may be wondering what you can do to better prepare your roof for a hurricane. Here at Perimeter Roofing, we want your home to stay safe and secure at all times. We’re going to break down what you need to know to keep your roof safe during this hurricane season.

Before the Hurricane

Preparation is the most important thing to consider. Your roof can withstand a lot if it has been well looked after. Here are a few things you can do to get your roof ready for a hurricane.

Check for Leaks and Holes

This is probably the single most important thing you can do for your roof. If your roof is already experiencing leaks before a hurricane even starts, the end result would be disastrous.

Signs You Have a Roof Leak

  • You see water stains on the ceiling or walls.
  • There’s a musty smell coming from your attic.
  • You can see patches of sunlight through your roof.
  • Your energy bill spiked without any lifestyle changes.
  • There are plants or moss growing on your roof.
  • Your roof is sagging.

Visually Inspect Your Roof

Give your roof a good inspection from the outside. You may not be able to see everything or see in great detail, but you should be able to notice major issues.

Damaged roof shingles

Check for missing or bent shingles. If you have missing shingles, water can easily get into your home. You should also check to see if any of your shingles look old or worn out.

Search for broken, bent, or missing flashing. Flashing can be found around your windows and chimney. This stops water from creeping in at vulnerable spots.

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Get Your Roof Repaired

If you notice any of these issues with your roof, schedule a roof repair immediately! We’ll make sure that your roof is in good shape before the next hurricane hits. It’s much easier to fix tiny repairs than a huge roof replacement that could come after a hurricane.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

If you schedule yearly maintenance on your roof, you won’t have to worry about emergency roof repair or roof replacement. Our team will thoroughly inspect your roof to make sure that there are no issues, and we’ll repair anything that’s starting to go wrong.

Regular roof cleaning will also help keep your roof in good shape. When you get your roof cleaned, you’re getting rid of a pileup of debris that can end up causing damage to your roof. Not to mention, your roof will look brand new when we’re done!

After the Hurricane

Once the hurricane has passed, you’ll want to inspect your roof again for the same things. It’s much easier to get these issues fixed now before another storm causes them to become even worse.

It’s always a good idea to have your roof checked after a big storm in general. There may be damages that you can’t see, but that a skilled roofer will be able to detect.

Roof Replacements

Sometimes, the storm is just too much and your roof has surpassed the point of repair. Maybe a tree fell on your house or your roof was so old that it couldn’t beat the storm. Whatever the case may be, contact us when you need a new roof replacement. We’ll make sure your home is secure so that this won’t happen again.

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Contact Us When You Want to Prepare Your Roof for a Hurricane

If there’s a hurricane coming your way, or one has just passed through, give Perimeter Roofing a call! We’ll make sure that your home stays safe and secure so you have one less thing to worry about.

Hurricanes are no joke; that’s why we do everything we can to make sure that your roof is well looked after. Contact us to schedule your roof repair or roof maintenance appointment.

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