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How Does Summer Affect Your Roof?

In places like Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, the summer can bring on high temperatures ranging from 85-95 degrees. Have you ever wondered how extreme heat can affect your roof, and what to do to prevent heat damage? The transition from the frosty cold winter to humid summer is hard on your roof. While you’re enjoying the cool air conditioner inside your home, your roof is battling strong rays from the sun. Here are a few ways heat affects your roof, and how you can prevent any heat damage to your roof in the future. 


The first way summer may affect your roof is by the strong humidity. The moist air mixed with the heat can cause condensation to settle under your shingles. This condensation makes water build up on your roof leading to water damage, leaks, rotting of material, or mold. The best way to know if your roof has humidity damage is to schedule a roof maintenance inspection mid-summer. This way, we can catch early signs of an issue and perform roofing repair before winter comes back around.

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UV Rays 

Your roof is exposed to ultraviolet light year-round, but during the summer months, the sunlight hits your roof with minimum atmospheric interference. The rays will dry out the oils in the materials your roof is made of. If your roof is losing natural oils from UV rays, it can cause your roof to crack, bleach, and become weak. UV rays will also cause shingle discoloration over time.  

If you leave your roof untreated for too long, it can cause your shingles to curl, buckle, and possibly split. UV rays are more detrimental to roofs that have limited shade, so you should have routine roof inspections to stay on top of all damages. Modern advancements in roofing have also made UV reflective shingles like the Certainteed Landmark Solaris series.

Thermal Shock 

Thermal shock is the rapid change in temperature that usually occurs during the summer. During the summer, the weather changes drastically when the sun goes down. During the day in southern states, the weather can be as high as 90 degrees but will drop to the 60’s at night. This inconsistent weather causes your roof’s materials to expand and contract quickly, which can cause structural damage. 

Thermal shock is more detrimental to older roofs, because they weaken the roof’s surface more, making it vulnerable to moisture build-up. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality roofing materials for your roof replacement and have older roofs inspected once or twice a year.

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Summer Storms 

Summer storms are a big thing that occurs in the southern states. Summer thunderstorms bring in strong winds and excessive rain, which are likely to cause damage to your roof. We suggest inspecting your roof after any summer storm, so you do not have any unexpected problems that go unnoticed.  After a summer storm, you should look for missing or damaged shingles, gutter blockage, and damp patches when inspecting your roof. 

You will also know if you have any issues with your roof after a storm by examining your attic. When looking over your attic, look for sunlight coming from the roof and damp areas because those will be a sign you have suffered storm damage. Call a roofing company quickly if you notice these issues so they can provide same day roof patching to prevent further damage to your home.

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Here at Perimeter Roofing, we specialize in roof replacement and roof repair in Nashville TN, Orlando FL, Auburn AL, and multiple locations in Georgia. Before the summer heat approaches, have our team come out and do a thorough roof inspection and roof maintenance. We are highly experienced roofing professionals who are more than happy to help you get through the summer. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection!

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