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A Guide to Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat roofs are a common specialty roof that we repair and install across our service area. Because they have a very minimal slope, water drainage and direct sunlight wear down the flat roof shingles over time. That’s why flat roof maintenance is vital to extending the life of your flat roof, and preventing interior leaks or shingle damage. Find out some necessary tips for lengthening the lifespan of your flat roof below.

How Long Do Flat Roofs Last?

The lifespan of your flat roof will depend on the type of material used (between PVC, TPO, EPDM rubber, modified bitumen, BUR or built-up roofing, and metal roofing) and your flat roof maintenance routine over the years. That’s why you should carefully consider the conditions of your flat roof and keep up with flat roof maintenance. All this said, a flat roof typically lasts about 25 years with proper maintenance.

Common Problems with Flat Roofs

  • Leaking – Worn or split areas in your flat roof shingles that cause interior water leaks.
  • Ponding – Large puddles that collect on your flat roof after rain, causing damage to flat roof shingles.
  • Splitting – Cracks or tears that appear in your flat roof, allowing in water or debris.
  • Blistering – Direct sunlight causing pockets of air to wrinkle your roof shingles. 
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Important Steps to Flat Roof Maintenance

Regular Roof Inspections 

The best way to extend the life of your flat roof is roof maintenance. That’s why you should regularly do a personal inspection of your roof and hire a professional roofing contractor for annual inspections. 

As a rule, we recommend roof inspections in the spring and autumn. This is because you want to take care of any potential roofing issues before the worst winter and summer temperatures hit. However, you should also inspect your roof after harsh weather conditions including storms, strong winds, hail, and snow. This way, you can clear debris and notice any potential ponding before these issues cause interior problems for your home or business. 

Frequent Flat Roof Coatings

To spend less time on flat roof maintenance overall, getting your roof recoated is an important step. Every 2-4 years, you should have a roofing company coat your flat roof to protect the surface from heat, mold, and water damage. Choose a roofing company that maintains industry standards with the best roof coating materials. This will ensure that your flat roof is energy efficient, resistant to weather damage, impact resistant, and more. 

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Be Careful About the Amount of Weight on Your Flat Roof

One of the most common problems you can encounter with your flat roof is sinking, especially if the roof is older or poorly maintained. That’s why you should be careful about the amount of weight you keep on your roof. Heavy objects can leave deep compressions or damage the coating of your roof if allowed to sit for an intended time in hot or moist conditions. 

Keep Your Gutters and Drains Clear

Water and debris drainage is a vital element of flat roof maintenance. Because it’s mostly flat surface prevents thorough run off, your gutters and drains have to work harder to keep everything clear. This is why you need to consistently keep your gutters clear of debris, creating a smooth path for rain and snow to exit the roof. 

Schedule Flat Roof Maintenance & Repair with Perimeter Roofing

Even with the most devoted roof maintenance routine, you will eventually need flat roof repair. Whether a major storm causes damage or you need a roof coating for restoration, you need to schedule an experienced roofing company to get the job done. Here at Perimeter Roofing, our decades of experience providing flat roof repair, maintenance, and installation make us the best roofing company for you. Just schedule an appointment at the location closest to you!

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