Dangers of Roof Heat Damage - How to Protect Your Roof

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Dangers of Roof Heat Damage

With summer comes extremely high temperatures. Roofs tend to take a backseat during this time. After all, there’s no pollen, leaves, or ice building up on the roof, so everything must be fine, right? Wrong! The high temperatures that summer brings can cause a lot of damage to your roof. Perimeter Roofing is here to break down all of the major damages that can happen to your roof over the summer, as well as how you can prevent them.

Types of Summer Roof Heat Damage

High Temperatures

The high temperatures in summer are magnified on your roof. A 90-degree day can cause your roof to be over 150 degrees. Dark roofing material absorbs the light and heat from the sun. This will cause your roofing materials to break down at an accelerated rate. It also makes it more difficult for your home to stay cool.

High Humidity

High humidity can also become a major problem. The water in the air can build up under your shingles, causing bad roof leaks to occur. This can also lead to mold growth, which is bad for everyone in the house. The excess water can also warp your shingles, which prevents them from protecting your home as they should.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock occurs when the temperatures rise quickly in the day and then plummet at night. This causes your roof to contract and expand quickly, which creates a lot of tension and an overall shorter lifespan. Over time, this will weaken the integrity of your roof.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light is probably one of the most damaging things that can happen to your roof. Even on cloudy days, the UV light still comes through. It causes your roofing materials to decay faster, making them crack and buckle. It can also dry out any protective oils, making your roof brittle. This light can also fade the color of your roof over time, making it look bad.


What Summer Roof Heat Damage Does to Roofing Types

Metal Roofs

The fluctuations in temperature between the day and the night will cause your metal roof to expand and contract. This excess strain will eventually cause the metal to crack from the pressure.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs are a great low-cost option for homeowners. Unfortunately, they don’t do so well when it comes to dealing with high temperatures. These temps will make the asphalt crack and shrink. In some cases, it might even start melting. These usually aren’t a great option if you live in an area with steady high temperatures.

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs have granules in them that help them to withstand the weather. High temperatures can cause them to lose their granules faster, resulting in more repair work.

How to Prevent Summer Roof Heat Damage

Attic Ventilation

Make sure your attic has proper ventilation in it. This will keep an excess of heat and humidity from building up inside your house. It will also help with condensation issues. Generally speaking, you’ll want one vent per every three hundred square feet of attic space.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a big help when it comes to keeping your roof in good shape. Your roofing contractors will be able to spot any potential issues and fix anything that it needs it so that your roof is in its best shape to handle the intense summer heat.

Light-Colored Roofing Materials

Light-colored roofing materials can help keep your attic space cooler since they won’t absorb as much heat. They deflect the heat and light instead of taking it in, keeping your home much cooler.

High Roof Pitch

A high roof pitch is another way to deflect the heat. When a roof is flat or has a very low pitch, there’s more room for the sun to get to it. With a high pitch, it’s harder to absorb the sunlight.

Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your roof is a great way to save energy while also keeping your home cooler. All of that heat and light is being put to good use this way. You’ll even save money on energy costs!

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