5 Common Signs You Need a Roof Repair

Most homeowners don’t think much about the roof over their heads until some serious signs of concern start to appear. These issues can arise at any time of the year and can catch you off guard. 

Sometimes, you may overlook these roof issues until they become major problems, leading you to replace your existing roof and installing a new one. 

Therefore, it’s better to deal with the early signs of roof damages and spare yourself the trouble of replacing your roof ahead of time or experiencing some serious structural issues.

Read on to discover some of the most common signs your roof is up for a repair and call your roofer as soon as possible. 

Moisture or Leakage 

This is one of the most common signs that you need a roof repair. At times, you may not even realize the occurrence of a leak until it’s done some serious damage. 

Therefore, you should examine your attic ceiling regularly as it is the first place to experience the most damage. Make sure you have a look at it during the daytime when the sun is out and the weather is dry.

Damaged Roof Shingles

Another thing you will have to take a look at is your roof shingles. If you spot any missing, cracked, or curled-up shingles, it’s time you get them fixed right away. It’s easier to get the shingles fixed or replaced when they are in their early damaged state.

 Don’t leave the matter pending or you will be forced to get your entire roof replaced before it’s due, which can be expensive and time-consuming at the same time.

Damaged roof shingles

Wear and Tear of Roof Components 

Another way to know that your roof needs repair is by inspecting vents, pipes, chimneys, and roof walls. These areas usually experience wear and tear when the water and moisture seep through the roof and cause roof leakage. 

When these components are left untended, they easily get eroded and damaged beyond repair. If you spot these components in such a condition, you should consider hiring a reliable roofing contractor as soon as possible. 

Stained Walls or Peeling Paint

Stains, dark spots, and paint peeling usually happen when water accumulates in your walls. Over time, the leakage will stain and de-color the walls. You may also spot wall paint peeling off, blistering, and bubbling. 

Often, homeowners call a painter when they come across these problems. But this is an issue that can only be fixed by a professional roof repair contractor.

Stained ceiling

Sagging Roof

If you don’t spot sagging from the outside, there may be signs of sagging on the inside. The accumulation of water and rotting over time usually translate into a sagging roof, which can be a pretty serious issue for the entire structure of your home. 

If you notice any sagging or cannot inspect your roof exterior fully, make sure to hire a professional to do the job.

Contact Perimeter Roofing

These are some of the warning signs that indicate the need for a roof repair. It is always best to act early and prevent more serious and costly issues, so make sure to regularly inspect and maintain your roof.

And if you are ever faced with some of the issues described above, make sure to call your local roof repair contractor as soon as possible. 

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