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As part of a network of roofing companies throughout Georgia, Perimeter Roofing Columbus GA is proud to serve our community with the best roofing solutions. Serving Muscogee County, Harris County, and more, we love expanding our territory to bring roof repair and installation to more people across Georgia. It is our goal to become your go-to roofing contractor, and become a roofing company that you love to tell your friends and family about! Read below to learn more and reach out to us when you’re ready to schedule roofing services with Perimeter Roofing Columbus GA

What We Bring to You — Our Roofing Services

Perimeter Roofing Columbus GA is your local, friendly team that provides top-tier roofing services. Our expertise lies in roof repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation. If your roof has damage, we provide free roof inspections so that we can discover the condition it’s in. Roof repair is most often necessary because of weather damage or roof leaks. If weather severely damages your roof, we’ll come to assess whether it needs repair or replacement

Perimeter Roofing Columbus also works with insurance companies on policy work. We are knowledgeable on how to negotiate the best coverage with your insurance agent. Most roofs have a lifespan of anywhere from 15-30 years, depending on the area where you live and if you take care of routine maintenance. Our team can help you find a roof that will complement your home’s style and be a good choice for reliability and longevity. Our goal is for you to have the best roof possible. 

If your roof is leaking, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your entire roof. Leaking could be the result of shingles coming loose, or a section of your roof being damaged. Roof failures are irreversible results with roof replacement being the only solution. Perimeter Roofing Columbus recommends having your roof inspected by a trained roofer. Our workers will know what exactly to look for, and can give you a detailed breakdown of the steps needed for the repair.

Roof venting is necessary because it creates a cooler attic in the summertime. An overheated attic, combined with moisture, can be detrimental to your roof’s sheathing and shingles, causing them to age prematurely. This can lead to water leaks and damage to your roof’s structure.

We provide commercial roofing services such as roof repair, roof replacement, maintenance, as well as roof cleaning. Our highly-qualified roofers will be able to inspect for any potential problems that your roof may have, and give you a detailed breakdown of what needs to be worked on. We also work with most insurance providers and are able to give the proper documentation following an inspection. If you have any questions regarding our roofing services in the Columbus GA area, give us a call.

Professionally skilled work should never be attempted on a do-it-yourself basis. Professional roofers are expertly trained and understand the best practices to replace or repair roofs safely and efficiently. People with little to no experience in replacing roofs risk serious injury or further damage to the roof, costing more in the long run.

Perimeter Roofing Columbus has experience working with most insurance providers. Our roofers will be able to provide you with all the necessary documentation that insurance providers need to file a claim. We recommend having your roof inspected on an annual basis to spot any potential problems before they become worse.

Roofing Services
Why We Love Serving Columbus GA

Residential Roofing

Backed by a team of certified, highly trained roofing contractors, Perimeter Roofing Columbua GA can deliver consistently excellent results for all your roofing needs. For residential roofing projects, we can perform a full spectrum of roof repair, replacement, and restoration services. We want to serve your home with efficiency and quality!

Perimeter Roofing Columbus is proud to provide a wide range of residential roofing services. If you’re a homeowner in Columbus GA, it’s inevitable that you’ll need roof repair at some point. Roofs are subject to external factors, including harsh weather and extreme temperatures. This can lead to roof leaks, cracked shingles, missing flashing, and other types of deterioration. When this occurs on your roof, we recommend that you schedule a professional roofing inspection in Columbus GA. Our team of roofing contractors is well-trained to handle all roof repair services, no matter the scope.

Through our experience, we’ve learned the best products and methods for roof repair and replacement. We’re proud to offer free roofing inspections, which are available to all! We have perfected our inspection service, where we thoroughly examine the entirety of your roof. We also handle insurance claims, which means you don’t need to worry about getting the best coverage. We’ve seen many roof replacements covered by insurance, and we work tirelessly to ensure you receive the coverage you’re due. 

View our range of residential roofing services in Columbus GA:

  • Roof Coating 
  • New Roof Installation 
  • Roof Repair 
  • Hail Damage 
  • Wind Damage 
  • Roof Replacement (direct or through insurance) 
  • Fix Damaged Roof 
  • New Construction Roofs 
  • Flat Roof Repair and Replacement 
  • Roof Restoration 
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Skylight 
  • Repair Roof Leaks 
  • Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roofing

Are you searching for commercial roofing services? Our team offers commercial roof repair, replacement, installation, TPO roof repair, and flat roof repair. If you’re a business owner, you know the responsibilities that come with operating a business. Commercial roofs are susceptible to damage, just like residential roofs. You’re required to keep the roof in excellent condition, especially if you want to save money and valuable time.

We encourage you to schedule annual roofing inspections, where we’ll ensure your roof is operating properly. If you have any roof leaks, missing flashing, or damaged shingles, we’ll provide the appropriate repairs. For the safety of your business, it’s important to schedule commercial roof repair in Columbus GA when you notice any abnormalities. This may occur after a storm or other types of extreme weather. Looking for a commercial roofing inspection? Contact us today! 

Areas We Serve

  • Shady Grove
  • Louvale
  • Richland
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  • West Wood
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  • West Wind
  • Asta Village
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