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What Is Drip Edge on a Roof?

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What is a Drip Edge?
Rain Drip Guard Replacement

Drip edge, also known as edge flashing or D-metal, is an L-shaped, metal sheet installed along the edge of a roof. Roofers install it 3-4” under your shingles, and the edge hangs down 1” over the roof edge. It works to direct water away from the fascia and into the gutter, especially keeping wind-driven rain from causing damage. Since it serves as a rain drip guard,  it seals the area between the shingles and fascia, preventing rain from creating water rot or mold on your home. Without a correctly installed drip edge, water leaking between gutter and fascia areas would eventually deteriorate your roof and home siding. 

Is Drip Edge Necessary?

As of 2014, Georgia building codes require that all roofs have a drip edge. This is a standard required for both new construction and re-roofing of existing homes. This means, with this edge, your home will be brought up to code. Because your home could experience water damage more quickly without this rain drip guard, it is important that your roofing contractor installs it along with your new roof or roof replacement. As a highly regarded roofing company throughout GA and TN, we install high quality drip edges with all of our roofing projects. 

What Does Drip Edge Do for Your Home?

Brings House Up to Code

Because of the 2014 GA building codes mentioned above, drip edge is necessary to bring a house up to code. That is why it is an important factor to consider when thinking about roof replacement or repairing damage to your roof. 

Protects Against Wind-Driven Rain

Since moisture collection is a major concern for your shingles, a drip edge that prevents wind driven rain is a vital addition to your roof. If water collects on the edge of the roof without the edge, it could cause moisture rot or mold growth. When the edge is installed, it helps the water run off instead of collecting. 

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Prevents Gutter Overflow Like a Gutter Apron

A drip edge works to drive rain and debris towards the gutter. It also opens to fit the pitch of the roof so it doesn’t add to gutter overflow. This dual purpose keeps water from collecting along your roof or fascia and causing damage. 

Critter Control

Roofers install the drip edge under the shingles and over the edge of the roof, providing a seal against pests and animals. This way, insects or small animals can’t get under the shingles on your roof edge.

Drip Edge Options 

There are multiple material, color, and design options to make this rain drip guard blend seamlessly into your home’s exterior. In terms of material, it is typically metal so that it holds up against moisture and potential rot. Specifically, we recommend a galvanized drip edge or copper drip edge to create a thorough seal. However, aluminum is also a commonly used material, especially because it can be easily painted to match a roof or home siding. Drip edge colors for roofing include standard neutral or even bright colors. But the most common options tend to be white and black drip edge to blend into the roof. For design, you can also select vented drip edge, which is perforated along the underside. This creates better airflow along your roof edge and into your home. With all these choices, you can find the best edge to finish off your roof. 

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Since drip edge is such an important element of roof repair and roof replacement, you need to leave it to the experts. Here at Perimeter Roofing, we have decades of experience and five locations across GA and TN. This means we have the expertise and reach to meet all your residential and commercial roofing needs. Contact us at the location nearest to you to set up a free consultation or roof inspection!

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