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The Most Frequent Residential Roofing Problems in Atlanta GA

Your roof is undoubtedly the most important part of your home, yet it often goes overlooked. Most of the time, people don’t think about their roofs until there are signs of a problem.

Roofing issues can develop over time and they can be the result of the usual wear and tear. On the other hand, they can also appear suddenly or after a devastating storm and catch you by surprise.

Whichever the reason and the source of the problem, your trusted Atlanta GA residential roofing contractors will be able to deal with it more efficiently if you call them on time. The longer you wait, the worse the damage is going to get.

It’s always best to get ahead of the issue and protect the most integral part of your home.

To help keep you safe and prepared, here are the most frequent residential roofing problems you should be on the lookout for.

Residential Roof Leaks  

Roof leaks are most commonly the result of damaged shingles and flashing. You can usually notice them by the discolored areas on your walls and ceilings or by damaged wallpapers.

However, while some leaks may be obvious, others can be virtually impossible to detect by an untrained eye. They can start very small and slowly grow bigger, seeping into other areas of your roof and home, signifying bigger structural issues.

Therefore, make sure to check your shingles, the area around your chimney, gutters and flashing from time to time, as well as to call a professional roofer for a regular roof inspection.

Pooling Water

Much like leaks and drips, pools of water can also cause a lot of damage to your roof, especially if you have a flat roof or a low pitch roof. If water has been on your roof for a while, the likelihood of your roof suffering serious damage is really high. 

Pools of water can wear down your roof, damage your shingles, reach underneath them, increase the chances of leaks, and even cause a sagging roof line. 

In this instance, the best course of action is to contact expert roofing contractors to determine the source of the problem. In most cases, the solution will be a new gutter system that will efficiently direct the water off of the roof and prevent it from pooling on your roof ever again.

Fallen Trees

Did you know that trees can cause daily damage to your home? If you are surrounded by large trees with big overhanging branches, they can rub against your roof, leaving scratches, dents,  or even knocking off loose tiles, shingles, and flashing. 

All of this can lead to more serious structural issues and leaks. The trees themselves can even fall on your property during a storm, for example, which is a huge safety hazard. 

These potential issues can, however, easily be avoided by trimming your trees and cutting off branches that you suspect might fall off. 

Missing Shingles

Have you spotted gaps from missing shingles on your residential roof? Has your roof started to look uneven or like it is sagging? If so, this is another warning sign of a potentially serious roofing problem.

Other than being an aesthetic issue, missing shingles will leave your roof vulnerable and exposed to leaks. And apart from that, if your shingles have gone missing on various parts of your roof, it may be a sign that you need a full roof replacement.

Don’t hesitate to call your number one Atlanta GA roofers as soon as possible. We will assess the issue and recommend the best course of action to prevent any further damages.

Winter Damages

During the cold winter days, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to your roof, as the snow and ice can cause irreparable damages. Snow can pile up really fast and icicles are likely to form, which is a common problem many homeowners face during this time.

Even though snow will eventually melt, that still leaves you vulnerable to water damage in case there are any cracks on your roof. And once that water freezes again, you are going to be faced with an even bigger issue, as this will cause your roof shingles to lift.

Additionally, your gutters can be affected too since the weight of the ice and snow will weigh them down and cause even more problems. 

This is why it’s very important to keep a close eye on your roof and call your roofer for inspections and maintenance even during winter days!

Final Thoughts

No matter how minor your residential roofing problems may seem, it’s always best to rely on an expert team of professionals than to try and mitigate the damages yourself. Proper roof maintenance is very important and our team is more than capable of helping you with that!

If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, don’t hesitate to request the services of our highly skilled professionals at Perimeter Roofing. We offer free inspections and consultations to our homeowners in Atlanta GA, and we will help you get your roof back under control.

With our expertise and experience in the roofing industry, you can be certain that all of your roofing needs will be met promptly and efficiently. Call us today and let us help you get ahead of any issues!

Call us today and let us help you get ahead of any issues!

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