13 Best Things About Living in Atlanta

One of the most populated cities in the U.S. state of Georgia is the city of Atlanta. With a population of approximately 486,290 residents, Atlanta is also the capital of Georgia. Besides the great history that includes playing an important part in the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, several other reasons make Atlanta, GA an excellent city for residing. 

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  1. The Weather Is Great

While everyone has their taste when it comes to weather conditions, most people will agree that they prefer warmer weather. Atlanta gives you the variety of four seasons, however, it never stays cold for too long in this city. You can expect lovely weather with plenty of sunshine when you live in Atlanta. 

  1. Living in Atlanta Is Affordable

Life in a city is never cheap, but if you compare the cost of living in Atlanta with other big cities, then Atlanta turns out to be very affordable. Any young professionals or families who consider moving to Atlanta will find that housing options and luxuries offered in the city are not quite that expensive.

  1. Plenty of Career Opportunities

Atlanta offers various employment opportunities and it is a place where you can professionally grow your career. There are large employers like numerous hospitals, universities, the International Airport, Hartsfield Jackson International, as well as plenty of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. 

  1. A Great Restaurant Scene

There are various restaurants to choose from, including many local restaurants where you can find soul food and comfort food as well as restaurants with international delights. The dining choices in Atlanta are endless – whether you are looking for something casual, upscale or exotic, Atlanta is the place where you will find food that pleases your taste buds.

  1. Excellent Neighborhoods

Life in one of the distinct small neighborhoods around Atlanta gives you the sense of community as they each have a unique style. Most of the areas are walkable and the passionate residents are dedicated to making their neighborhood special by holding annual festivals. 

  1. It’s Close to Nature

Although Atlanta is a busy city with plenty of traffic keeping it on the go, there is a considerable amount of greenery stretched out across the city. 

Apart from plenty of trees in the town itself, you can also find access to state parks, hiking trails, and vast outdoor adventures in the North Georgia Mountains, just a short drive away from the city center. The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains are also not that far and you can rent cabins there, take hikes, go fishing, set up camp or have a picnic along the lake. 

  1. It Has Southern Hospitality

The feeling of genuine warmth can be felt in Atlanta when you meet a resident. The people are quite friendly around all the parts of Atlanta. This big city operates at a slower pace as the residents are more focused on family. Most people in Atlanta will mind their manners and they will be willing to give you a hand when you need it.

  1. A Great Big City Culture

The High Museum of Art can be found in Atlanta, where one can enjoy a significant permanent collection as well as visiting art of high caliber. There are also other art galleries, many places to see live comedy, and local theaters to attend. 

Special events are held frequently and many of the neighborhoods are known for their terrific festivals. There is enough culture to be found for anyone who is looking and when musicians go on tour or a Broadway musical hits the road, they will most certainly make a stop in Atlanta, GA. 

  1. Great Colleges and Universities

Besides great schools, Atlanta is also the home to the country’s best colleges and universities. To name a few, the Emory University and Emory University School of Law, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Oglethorpe University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Clark Atlanta, etc. are all within city limits. 

10.     Professional and Collegiate Sports Offerings

All those who take pride in their college sport or who want to make a profession out of it will be pleased to know that Atlanta has professional and collegiate sports covered. In downtown Atlanta, you will find the Atlanta Hawks, Braves, and Falcons playing throughout the year. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Georgia State Panthers also take part in Division 1 basketball, baseball, and football.  

11.    Excellent Hospitals

One of the country’s best medical facilities can be found inside the metro city limits and it is called the Emory University Hospital. There are also several other great hospitals in Atlanta, including the Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta Medical Center, the Southern Regional Medical Center, etc. 

Furthermore, you can find the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, and the Piedmont Cancer Center in Atlanta which are among the top-ranked treatment centers for cancer in the country. 

  1. Reality Television Opportunities

The reality show scene is making it big in Atlanta! This does not only provide an opportunity for actors and actresses but also for producers, stagehands, makeup artists, writers, and show-runners. So even if you find reality TV shows annoying, we should be grateful for the many job possibilities they are opening up for certain people in Atlanta. 

  1. A Diverse Nightlife

Whether you are young or old, you are sure to find something to do when the sun goes down. There is no shortage of bars in Atlanta – from old fashion bars to the bars in Buckhead, an area with plenty of nice bars where one can mingle with young professionals. 

The Highlands is a place where one can meet an older, less rowdy crowd, and if you head towards East Atlanta, you will come across some hipsters. 

If you want to dance you can enjoy electronic DJ dance music at MJQ or party with the college students at Maggie’s, one of the best college bars in town. Whatever entertainment you are looking for at night, fine dining, dancing or a theater show, you will be able to find it in Atlanta. 


Atlanta is a city with many opportunities for the young and the older and if you are looking for fun things to do you will never be bored. This interesting city has a diverse population and everything you need for your everyday life.


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