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All You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Coatings and Restoration in Atlanta GA

Commercial Roof Coatings and Restoration

Commercial roofs that are aging but still functional can make a good candidate for roof restoration and coating. This helps you to avoid roof failure and add a decade or more to the life of the roof. 

In addition to that, these services can be helpful if your commercial roof has suddenly suffered water or fire damage, so make sure to contact the best Atlanta GA emergency restoration company if such issues occur.

Read on to find out everything that roof coating and restoration services entail, as well as some of their main benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Roof Restoration Coating?


During a roof restoration, there is no roof tear-off involved, which will decrease the labor and material cost. In most cases, a roof restoration is half the price of a roof replacement or even less. 


The process of a restoration coating is quick, which means that there will not be much disruption to your business, which is something our Atlanta GA roofing experts take great pride in.

Longer Life

The roof coating applied during the restoration process will prolong the life of your roof. Your new restored roof will hold up for at least another 10 to 15 years before you need to consider a costly replacement.


Roof coatings are a sustainable solution as they don’t entail tear-offs. This means that the materials will not find their way into the landfill. 

Improved Appearance

Old roofs will have rust, dirt, and signs of wear, but when a new roof coating is added, all of this is taken away. A roof restoration will provide your commercial building with a fresh new look. 

Tax Benefits

Depending on where your facility is, tax benefits can be obtained from a roof restoration. This is because restorations are not considered to be a capital expenditure but simple maintenance, which is deducted differently from corporate taxes. 

Energy Savings

Roof coatings turn commercial roofs into cool roofs as they are highly reflective and protect the roof from UV damage. 

The cooling down effect that roof coating has on a building can be seen in reduced monthly energy costs. Therefore, roof coating is an excellent way to turn your roof into an energy-efficient roofing system. 

Is Your Roof Eligible for a Roof Coating?

The eligibility of your commercial roof for a coating installation can depend on several different factors.

Type of Existing Roof

Depending on the weather conditions, spray-on roof coatings dry naturally in 8 to 24 hours because they are applied in a liquid form. Therefore, these coatings are intended for flat or low slope roofing systems. 

Asphalt (built-up), modified bitumen, concrete, single-ply membrane, metal (low or steep slope), and spray polyurethane foam are the most common flat or low slope roofing systems that can make great candidates for a spray-on coating.

For steep-slope roofs, including shingles, cedar shake, tile, slate, etc., other options might be available and therefore, the best is to check with your trusted Atlanta GA roofers before getting discouraged. 

Condition of Seams

Commercial roofs with seams might have a problem with adhesives that have deteriorated over time. This can lead to water leakage, which saturates insulation and causes internal facility leaks. 

Before a roof coating can be applied, the contractor will need to repair or reinforce the seams by using unique methods. This will help the seams to remain intact. 

However, if the seams are deteriorated beyond repair, then a membrane replacement might be needed or even a full roof system if the water has saturated the underlying layers. 

Level of Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs that are under a maintenance program stand an excellent chance to be eligible for a roof coating restoration. 

If roof maintenance has been neglected over the years, however, it is highly likely that the condition of your roof is not good and that it requires significant repairs. This usually means that a roof coating will not do the trick. 

Either way, a professional roofer will be able to tell after a full examination of the roof whether your roof is in a reasonably good condition for a roof restoration coating. 

What Does the Process of Roof Coating Restoration Look Like?

Pressure Cleaning

Before a roof restoration can take place, the contractor will first have to pressure clean the surface. A powerful water spray is used to get rid of dirt, debris, leaves or blockage that may have gathered on the roof and in the gutters. 


Any broken metal or brick on the roof will need to be repaired through repointing. The aim is to make sure that the structure is entirely sound. Therefore, the contractor will work to repoint the structure, whether it is damages caused by excess weight, adverse weather conditions or simply aging. 

Sealer Coat

The first coat that will be added on the roof is the sealer coat, which will strengthen and seal the material that makes the roof. This will help the roof to withstand harsh weather conditions and to prevent the roof from further damage. 


There are usually two top coats that are added during a restoration coating. These coatings are made to restore the original color or color preference to the roof. After the last coating, the roof will again appear to be brand new. 


The last stage of the roof restoration process is inspection. The contractor, as well as the facility owner, will inspect the roof to ensure that the restoration work meets the highest standards. If there is something that is not up to standard, a re-touch can be requested and that is where your experienced Atlanta GA roofing specialists come in.

Final Thought

When it comes to replacing a commercial roof, the initial costs can be very high. Therefore, most facility owners opt to restore the roof rather than replace it. This choice can save a lot of money not only on roof tear-off and new materials but in energy savings as well.

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